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Fall 2014 Uodates

Westa passed her VGP this year with a preis I and will be bred on her next cycle. Ulme will also be producing her second litter this year and Venus will be producing a sping 2015 litter. Please fill out our Contact Us page for more information.

Working on the New Site

As you can see we continue to work out bugs with the new site design. If you have an issue please let us know.

Welcome to the home of vom Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar. We are a registered Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar (VDD) breeder edicated to the improvement of the Deutsch-Drahthaar (DD), the world's most versatile hunting dog. A VDD member since 1996, our kennel was established in 1999. The name Fuchsfluesschen translates to Fox Creek, a reference to its residence on Fox Run farm near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dating back to 1846 the property is steeped in hunting tradition. Our dogs are surrounded by acres of fields and forest which provide ample opportunities to develop their inherited natural abilities.

Our goal is straight forward and simple-- "produce the best hunting dogs and companions possible." Man's best friend is all the better when he too is a good hunter!!! Each dog in the kennel is trained, hunted and tested by me (Fred Turjan) personally. The dogs have experience with upland birds, waterfowl, furred game and blood tracking wounded big game. A registered VDD kennel operates under some of the most strict breed standards in the canine world. Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar takes those standards even higher.

Please spend a few minutes enjoying our completely new website. Hopefully you will develop a greater admiration for the Deutsch-Drahthaar as a whole as well as greater respect for our philosophy of advancing the breed through educated breeding choices.

Fred Turjan