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Kennel Facilities

Welcome to the kennel. Our modern facilities are of concrete and block construction with 6 indoor/outdoor runs. The 14′ x 28′ kennel building is heated, insulated and well lit to provide our dogs with clean healthy living quarters. Inside the kennel, the dogs have a quiet homelike atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Don’t be fooled by the awards, artwork and other decorations that adorn the walls. This kennel is fully functional for training and is complete with everything from the large 28′ long training table, a freezer that stores our training game to the completely stocked medical supply cabinet.

Puppies are whelped inside a completely tiled area that has radiant heat in the floor. This allows complete temperature control to ensure that the puppies are comfortable and maintain the correct body temperature during their infancy. There is also a large viewing window to watch the pups without disturbing the mother during labor. As the puppies grow, a panel is removed to allow access to a hallway that leads to an outdoor run. Giving the puppies access to the outside is a huge benefit in house breaking when they get to their new homes.

Outside the front of the kennel is a large fenced corral where the dogs have freedom to roam during the day with access into the barn. In the rear of the kennel, the 18′ long concrete runs are partially covered with a roof to provide shade in the summer. These runs open into a large several acre fenced pasture that is adjacent to our training fields. There are also 2 additional 6′ X 14′ outdoor runs with dog houses located along side of the barn. Behind the barn we have a 25′ X 50′ bird pen where live birds are kept for training purposes.

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