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Purchasing a puppy from our kennel

Purchasing a puppy from our kennel is an enjoyable experience where the prospective puppy owner is welcomed, and encouraged, to visit anytime! If you can’t manage a visit, we will ensure you are provided with a steady stream of digital pictures, emails and telephone conversations so you can watch your puppy grow.

purchase_pupPuppies are matched with new owners based on the information supplied by the buyer. Geography, hunts performed, desired coat type and size of dog, VDD membership, testing and training experience are all very important elements covered with prospective buyers. As we do not grant pick of the litter, the more detailed information provided the easier it is to determine the proper matching of puppy and owner.  Our goal is to create a pairing that will happily last a lifetime.

Our dogs are raised to be top rate hunters and as such we only place them with owners that share their desire to be outdoors engrossed in the sport. We reserve the right to refuse selling a puppy to anyone at anytime. All future owners must provide proof of a current hunting license with their initial deposit.  Placing a dog that loves to hunt with an owner that doesn’t, isn’t fair to either party.

purchase_pup2Our matings are chosen to provide you with a dog of superior breeding.  As carefully as they are orchestrated however, there always remains the chance of some type of abnormality.  With a policy of full disclosure, all health issues and physical deficiencies are discussed as soon as discovered.  There are no secrets kept from our buyers.

Each puppy is physically examined by a veterinarian and issued a health certificate. All appropriate inoculations are administered at our kennel. Each puppy is guaranteed to be free of any genetic disease or bleeding disorders. Around the sixth or seventh week of life, a representative of the VDD-GNA Breed Warden also inspects the puppies. The inspection consists of checking teeth, eyes, testicles, and other physical attributes of both the puppy and the mother. Kennel conditions are also documented.  It is at this time, the puppy receives a tattoo of the VDD registration number in the right ear.

Once it is determined that a Fuchsfluesschen puppy is the right choice for you and the female producing the litter is bred, we require a $400.00 deposit.  The deposit demonstrates a sincere interest in becoming a puppy owner.  As we recognize that from time to time unexpected issues arise in our lives, the deposit is fully refundable.  We want to be certain our puppies go to homes where they are welcome additions to the family and not an added burden.

Our policy is to accept three deposits for males and three for females per litter. It is our experience that a normal litter will consist of at least this number of pups.  Our females have produced litters as large as 14 and as small as 3 puppies.  Once we have 6 deposits on a litter, additional interested buyers are placed on a waiting list. Notification of availability is made upon birth of the puppies.  The use of a waiting list allows the prospective buyers the freedom to continue to look for puppies without having a deposit secured.

Although seven weeks is routine in many kennels, our puppies normally do not leave our kennel until they are a minimum of eight weeks old. Experience has shown that between weeks 7 & 8 a great deal of change takes place in both the personality and development exhibited in puppies. This extra week is very important in allowing us additional time to more closely match each puppy to his or her new owner.

purchase_pup3Located only 3 miles form the Harrisburg PA International Airport (MDT) allows for the convenient shipping of puppies to their destinations. Guidelines require the puppy arrives approximately 2 hours before the scheduled flight.  Paperwork and check-in procedures reduce the time to about one hour prior to take-off.  A final walk makes sure the puppy is as comfortable as possible during the journey to their new home. The kennels required for air travel increases the purchase price by $50.00. This fee is refunded when the travel crate is returned.

purchase_pup4You can be assured that buying a Fuchsfluesschen puppy will be a pleasant experience and the commitment we maintain with our owners is a life-long relationship. We are never farther than a phone call or email away for any questions or concerns. We provide knowledgeable training experience and guidance to help overcome issues that might arise with the puppy; straight through to the adult dog. As virtually no problem is unique, we share our vast experience in dog training and offer simple guidelines to help correct unwanted behaviors. Additionally, we continue to maintain contact with the owners to be sure that proper exposure, treatment, health, dietary and socialization are maintained in the puppy’s life. These early periods are crucial in the development of puppies and we cannot stress their importance enough.

Owners of our puppies are always welcome to come and train at our farm under our experienced guidance to make sure the young dog is headed in the right direction as your future hunting companion.

Welcome to the Fuchsfluesschen family!


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