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At vom Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) we feel that educating the prospective buyer is more important than simply selling dogs. Even if you decide a puppy from our kennel is NOT the right dog for you, these guides will help you in your search for the perfect companion. More times than not, we interview the prospective buyer more thoroughly than they interview us. Some individuals may decide that the DD is not the right breed for them and it is better to know this before having a DD arrive in your home. We encourage buyers to contact several different breeders in order to find one they are the most comfortable with. Choosing a DD from a different kennel does not offend us and we have helped many people in purchasing dogs elsewhere. Our main goal for you is a satisfying DD experience.

I would say first and foremost “DD’s are hunting dogs!” If you are not a hunter, chances are most VDD breeders (including Fuchsfluesschen) willNOT sell you a puppy. It would be cruel and unfair for the dog to never experience that for which is it was created. Furthermore, it may be upsetting to the non-hunter when the DD acts upon its instinct and brings back prey it has captured.

Every VDD breeder encourages owners to test their puppies through the VDD. The tests are designed to closely mimic actual hunting situations. Without the testing system, the VDD would not be producing the quality of dogs that it does today. The breed tests (VJP & HZP) are the main source of feedback to the breeder and serve to demonstrate the overall strengths and weaknesses of each litter. The tests are judged to a set of standards and result in no winners or losers but rather an evaluation of the dog’s inherent natural abilities.  Experience has shown that owners who get involved in the VDD to train and test their dogs are pleasantly surprised by exposing the full potential and abilities possessed by their dog. Educating the owner and gaining experience is crucial to having a well-trained, well-mannered DD.

It is rare to see problems arise in a DD that are caused by inherent inabilities of the dog.  More often than not the problem results from an uneducated, albeit well intended owner and his relationship with his dog.  Training your DD to run in the tests puts you on a realistic, regimented training schedule. Your breeder and fellow VDD members are an exceptional resource for training techniques. With some effort by the time the dog is HZP (roughly 1½ years old) age, you will have a young, well-trained hunting companion that will out perform almost every other dog on this planet!

“Buyer Beware” Many breeders from other registries are trying to pass off German Wirehaired Pointers as Deutsch Drahthaars. Regardless of their claims, there is a difference!  If the breeder is not a member of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar, they are not selling Deutsch Drahthaars. All VDD puppies will be tattooed in their right ear and have a Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) registered Ahnentafel (pedigree). The tattoo number in the puppy’s ear must agree with the number on the Ahnentafel.

When a VDD breeder produces their first litter, all the puppies’ names begin with the letter “A”, the second litter begins with “B”, then “C”, “D”…”Z”. The litter is based on the kennel name, not individual females. Once a kennel has completely gone through the alphabet, the 2nd time around all the puppies’ in the “A” litter would have “II” after their name. Example: Aggi II vom Fuchsfluesschen. The breeder normally picks the names for puppies before birth due to requirements of having the paperwork sent to Germany and returned in a timely manner.   The registration process runs through both the GNA breed warden and the VDD breed warden in Germany.  This becomes the dog’s registered name and will be on the Ahnentafel with the associated registration number. The registration number is then tattooed on the puppy normally around their 7thweek of life.

Once you have decided on the breeder from whom you plan to purchase your puppy, you need to decide which pup is for you. At Fuchsfluesschen kennels we do not allow owners to independently choose a puppy. When a buyer commits to one of our puppies, we believe they are in essence buying the parents of the litter. It is our duty to work with that individual to determine which puppy will be most suited for their lifestyle.

No puppy leaves the kennel prior to 8 weeks of age.  During this critical period in the dog’s development we spend a great deal of time watching the emerging temperament and learning the minute differences between each puppy.  We insure each puppy develops the socialization skills needed to be a successful companion to his owner and to fellow hunting dogs. The 8 weeks are then used to ascertain the needs of the owner and match them with the appropriate puppy. The more information the buyer can supply, the better understanding we have of their needs and expectations of the dog. Numerous phone calls, pictures and emails transpire between the buyer and our kennel while we raise the puppies. This correspondence is crucial in determining which puppy goes where. If for some reason the buyer does not like the chosen pup we have mutually selected then they are promptly given a refund or given a choice placement on the waiting list for an upcoming litter.  It is with pride we can report this has never happened.

The links to the guides on the left of this page have been developed to help you in your search for a Deutsch Drahthaar. Please feel free to print out the guides and use them to determine if the DD is the breed for you and to locate a breeder who can best fill your needs.


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