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Questions to ask the breeder

 Click here for a printer friendly version of this page. We suggest you keep it by the phone when you make your calls.

  1. Is the breeder a member of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar? If not, they are not producing Deutsch Drahthaars. Many AKC breeders try to pass off GWP’s and Deutsch Drahthaars as the same breed.
  1. How long has the breeder been breeding Deutsch Drahthaars?
  1. How often does the breeder breed?
  1. Is the breeder knowledgeable about the Deutsch Drahthaar? Is he or she involved in the VDD and training and testing of their dogs?
  1. Is the breeder willing to provide you with references and telephone numbers of other people who have purchased puppies from them?
  1. What different types of hunting does the breeder do with their dogs? Where? How often?
  1. On what basis was the sire chosen? Convenience and location should never be the primary reason for selecting a stud. (See “Our Philosophy” page)
  1. What size of dog and type of coat does the breeder expect from the litter?
  1. How does the breeder hope to improve the breed with this particular breeding?
  1. What are the negative aspects or traits possessed by the parents or grandparents that may be passed onto the puppies of this litter?
  1. What temperament and traits does the breeder strive for?
  1. Does the breeder have the puppy’s sire and dam available for you to meet? If the sire is unavailable can you call his owner or people who have his puppies to ask about temperament or health problems? You should also be provided with pictures.
  1. Will the breeder be available to answer any question throughout the life of the dog? Is the breeder someone you would feel comfortable asking any type of question?
  1. Is the breeder knowledgeable about raising puppies, critical neonatal periods, and proper socialization techniques?
  1. Will the breeder allow you to come and visit, and do they have clean healthy facilities?
  1. Has the breeder evaluated the puppies’ temperaments?  Did the breeder inquire as to your lifestyle? Most breeders know the puppies better than anyone else and should be able to place them according to the information you have given them.
  1. Did the breeder provide the puppies with their first shots, tattoos and have they been wormed & checked by a vet prior to going home with you?
  1. Does the breeder ask you as many questions as you ask the breeder? Don’t be offended. Just answer honestly. A breeder should want to know if you are the right person to own one of their puppies.
  1. What guarantees does the breeder offer?  Are they willing to put a guarantee in writing?
  1. What are the breeder’s expectations of prospective puppy buyers? Will the breeder sell puppies only to hunting households?
  1. Do you feel comfortable with the breeder, after all you are entering into a decade long relationship? Are you feeling intimidated or pressured? If so, keep looking!

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