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Will be knowledgeable about the breed, true temperament and type, genetic diseases, and care.

Will question you carefully about why you have chosen the breed and how you intend to hunt and care for the dog.

Will allow you to visit their kennel and maintain clean healthy facilities.

Will offer puppies that are healthy and lively.

Will be willing to assist you in the future with any questions or concerns you may have about your puppy.

Will be actively involved in the training and testing of their dogs.

Encourages an open line of communication with puppy buyers and is glad to offer advice on raising, training and testing the pup in accordance with the VDD.

Checks their dogs for hereditary defects and does not breed dogs with such disorders.

Will ask you as many questions as you ask of them. What type of hunting you do? How many days per year do you hunt? Where do you hunt? What is your previous dog experience? What breeds have you owned?¬†¬†Where will the dog live? These are just a few. Don’t be offended. Just answer honestly. We want to know if you are the right person to own one of our pups.

Will question if you are committed to train and test the dog in the VDD.

Explains why testing in the VDD is a vital foundation for the continuation of the breed.

Does not use hard-sell techniques.


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