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Fuchsfluesschen VGP Dogs

The VGP is the highest level of testing in the versatile dog world. It is a grueling 2 day event which encompasses almost every situation you would encounter while hunting. Performance is evaluated in the field, forest, water, on fur and feathered game and complete obedience is required throughout the test. This page gives recognition to all of the Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar handlers and dogs that have put forth the hard work, dedication and effort required to successfully prize in the rigorous VGP. Currently there are 21 successful VGP dogs since producing our first litter in 2001. This is a feat that is unmatched in North America.

Thank you all!



Here are the handler/dog teams:


Aggi vom Fuchsfluesschen          184749                  52304                    Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       09-10.11.2002                    Middletown, PA USA                     297 preis II

Bella  vom Fuchsfluesschen        186421                  53687                    Kevin Snelbaker, PA

VGP                       25-26.09.2004                    Middletown, PA USA                     305 preis II

Cody  vom Fuchsfluesschen        187653                  53688                    William R. Arment, PA

VGP                       25-26.09.2004                    Middletown, PA USA                     291 preis III

Diesel vom Fuchsfluesschen      189632                  54702                    Hubert Stoffel, MI

VGP                       10-11.09.2005                    Pioneer, OH USA                           286 preis II

Darby vom Fuchsfluesschen       189639                  55067                    Fred Turjan

VGP                       01-02.10.2005                    Houtzdale, PA USA                        ÜF 294 preis II

Dakota vom Fuchsfluesschen     189630                  55938                    Nick Starika, DC

VGP                       12-13.11.2005                    Selma, AL USA                              287 preis II

Ernie vom Fuchsfluesschen        193540                  56043                    Dennis Higgins, ME

VGP                       28-29.09.2006                    Kingston, NS Canada                      314 preis I

Emma vom Fuchsfluesschen      193543                  57261                    Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       28-29.10.2006                    Fayetteville, NC USA                      304 preis II

Exon  vom Fuchsfluesschen        193537                  58163                    Kurt Harroldson, MN

VGP                       13-14.10.2007                    Eau Claire, WI USA                        302 preis I

Groll vom Fuchsfluesschen         197740                  58446                    Jim Hepler, PA

VGP                       20-21.10.2007                    Ginter, PA USA                              308 preis I

 Greta vom Fuchsfluesschen       197741                  59841                    Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       25-26.10.2008                    Aberdeen, NC USA                         294 preis II

Harras vom Fuchsfluesschen      198377                  59679                    Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       18-19.10.2008                    Ginter, PA USA                               290 preis I

Ivan  vom Fuchsfluesschen         199560                  59680                    Brian Sturgill, MD

VGP                       18-19.10.2008                    Ginter, PA USA                               277 preis II

Jax vom Fuchsfluesschen             201049                  59683                    Ron Figler, NY

VGP                       18-19.10.2008                    Ginter, PA USA                               263 preis III

Josch vom Fuchsfluesschen        201050                  59678                    Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       18-19.10.2008                    Ginter, PA USA                               ÜF 314 preis I

Jedda vom Fuchsfluesschen       201056                  59681                    William R. Arment, PA

VGP                       18-19.10.2008                    Ginter, PA USA                               288 preis III

Karlo vom Fuchsfluesschen        203106                  61297                     Joseph Guidos, PA

VGP                       26-27.09.2009                    Carlisle, PA USA                             292 preis III

Lexa  vom Fuchsfluesschen        203171                  61282                    Henry McCracken, SC

VGP                       14-15.11.2009                    Demopolis, AL USA                       292 preis I

Nero vom Fuchsfluesschen        207517                  Bd.10                     Thomas Weston, PA

VGP                       25-26.09.2010                    Carlisle, PA USA                             278 preis III

Nina vom Fuchsfluesschen        207519                  Bd.10                     Fred Turjan, PA

VGP                       25-26.09.2010                    Carlisle, PA USA                             ÜF 309 preis III

Nessi vom Fuchsfluesschen        207523                  Bd.10                     Joshua Zigler, WV

VGP                       25-26.09.2010                    Carlisle, PA USA                             279 preis III



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