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At this time, our kennel houses 6 dogs that range in age from 6 months – 8 years old. On October 7, 2008, we lost Exon to old age. He would have celebrated his 13th birthday on February 11, 2009. Quanta produced her last litter in 2007 and has since been retired from breeding and placed in a friend’s home to hunt her days out.

Never failing to meet the challenges presented to them, our dogs are hunted in numerous environments. Regardless if we are in Germany tracking hares; Montana hunting sharptails; South Dakota shooting pheasants; harvesting ducks and geese from the Chesapeake Bay; or in the Pennsylvania grouse woods; our dogs have adapted flawlessly. During the open seasons, the dogs are normally hunted two to five days per week. The dogs are used regularly for upland guiding on pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge. Living less than a mile from the Susquehanna River, we have made waterfowl hunting is a passion and an almost daily routine.

our-dogsThe use of dogs for blood trailing wounded big game is currently illegal in Pennsylvania, and we are therefore unable to capitalize on the dog’s ability at this time. However there is legislation pending in the state that would legalize the practice, which we fully support.  Regardless of the outcome we are committed to training our dogs to blood track wounded big game. Exon, Darby and Josch have completed the VGP with overnight blood tracks. Exon also passed the 20 and 40-hour specialty blood tracking tests. Our other adult females have all successfully passed the VGP with day tracks.

our-dogs2Depending on the time of year we produce a litter, our pregnant females are hunted up to their 7th or 8th week of gestation. This ensures that the mothers-to-be are in top physical condition and are able to deliver strong healthy puppies.Additionally we believe hunting throughout the pregnancy helps to develop the hunting instincts of the developing puppies.

All of the adult dogs in our kennel have successfully completed the VGP and each one has been completely trained and handled by myself, Fred Turjan. Quanta and Aggi have completed the VJPHZP and VGP tests all in the same year and both were under 2 years of age! Very few DD’s (about 5%) in the USA ever complete the VGP, yet alone do it at such a young age. 100% of the adult dogs in our kennel have passed the VGP. This validates our philosophy that combining natural ability with mental soundness produces a dog that can handle the rigorous training required for the VGP.

We have placed Fuchsfluesschen puppies in Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Delaware, Ohio, California, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Maine, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, District of Columbia, Illinois, Vermont, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Obviously these areas have major geographical and environmental differences.  Despite this fact our dogs have never failed to exceed the owner’s expectations with regard to hunting abilities and have successfully adapted to the ever-changing conditions.


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